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This page is a test page for the browser for the iPod touch 16 GB version.  

Text samples below:


Masters of Doom
by David Kushner


-- Book: The Virtual Reality Construction Kit 
by Joseph D. Gradecki 1994 
Shows people with nonprogramming experience how to actually build hardware and software, combining them to create their own virtual reality projects for $100 or less. Tells readers how to buy or build 3-D goggles, Power Gloves and build other necessary equipment inexpensively from scratch. Explains how to modify the programs on the accompanying disk to create other virtual reality activities and includes software tools to do so.

A complete guide to building cutting-edge virtual reality projects. Here are 12 inexpensive virtual reality projects ranging from adapting a Nintendo Power Glove to work on your PC to building 3-D goggles, motion trackers, 3-D sound systems, biofeedback, and more. No programming or electronics experience required!

-- Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution 
by Steven Levy 1984

-- Video games revolutionized computers.

-- Demonicron -- 

by William Gibson 1984
Note: Have book on ereader.

Push walls


Quake II

Brain implant 

Realty Synthesis

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