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The Personal Access Display Device (PADD)

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Officially, the PADD was not seen until The Next Generation's first episode "Encounter at Farpoint" in 1987. But there was a PADD like device about the size of a clipboard on the Original Series in 1966.

The Starfleet PADD Gallery 

Next Gen Science PADDPADD used on T NG and was designated as a Science PADD.

Engineering PADDEngineer's PADD also used on The Next Generation

First Contact PaddThis PADD was used on the movie Star Trek: First Contact

engpaddfrt.jpg (25859 bytes)An alternate Engineer's PADD

Voyager PADDPADD used on Star Trek: Voyager

Borgified PADDA Borgified PADD from Star Trek: Voyager that might have been used in the episode "Revulsion"

Another alternate PADD 

voy4x6padd.jpg (12373 bytes)Another ST: Voyager PADD

clearpadd.jpg (70305 bytes)This PADD was used in the Voyager episode "Lifeline"

altfuturepadd.jpg (10492 bytes)An alternate future PADD seen on the Voyager episode "Endgame," which was the series finale episode

The dimensions are 3" x 4"

endgamepaddcrp.jpg (33340 bytes)Another "Endgame" PADD.  This one is a more accurate representation than the one above.  Notice how the PADD tapers in more at the top.

voy6x9padd.jpg (21316 bytes)This PADD was seen on several episodes of ST: Voyager

Its dimensions are 6" x 9"

l-paddb.jpg (17471 bytes)Another Voyager PADD, same as the one to the left 

entacrfrt.jpg (75700 bytes)This PADD may or may not have been used on ST: First Contact, but it does have a graphic of the Enterprise-E.

Other PADDs

Bajoran PADD Bajoran PADD used on ST: Deep Space Nine

FerengiFerengi PADD also used on ST: DS9

KlingonKlingon PADD that might have been seen on all three Star Trek series TNG, DS9, VOY

Romulan PaddRomulan PADD that was used on TNG, and DS9

Cardassian PADDCardassian PADD used on DS9

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